Sunday, January 3, 2010

let it snow

Adding snow to a web page is always a fun thing to do when winter comes.

Up until now, to create snowfall on a web page I have used Flash. Today, however, I came across a web page that uses Javascript to accomplish the same feat.

Here is the link to Schillman's site. Schiller has also created a smashing light bulb effect that is way too cool.

The process that Schiller uses is simple: link to a javascript in the head section, then source the javascript in your server. But, suppose you want to create this effect in your blogger file. Blogger doesn't allow javascript to clutter up its server. This means you can't post the javascript in the body section. Instead, use an alternate server that has the js code already loaded.

The answer was given by another blogger, Interestingwebs.blogspot.

His tips include keeping the javascript short, one line usually. the link for the snowfall that he provides is:

(script src="" type="text/javascript")


* note. I am changing the open and close tags to a parenthesis so that it shows up in blogger.

Put this code in the of your blog html and watch it snow.

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